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Japanese knotweed eradication backed by warranty.

Warranties designed to guarantee funds are available should any remedial works need to be undertaken

Peace of mind upon completion of treatment

Japanese knotweed is notoriously difficult to eradicate and can be a serious concern for property and landowners alike due to its destructive nature. Many specialists in the industry claim to insure the removal works yet the reality is that insurance companies are only willing to cover any damage caused by the plant; they will not actually offer recourse or protection against the consequences of re-growth such as failure of future mortgage applications, construction timetables or legal compliance.

Howard Downer the UK’s leading expert in the eradication of Japanese knotweed set up TCM Warranties Ltd to tackle this problem eight years ago with the intention of demonstrating a self-insuring company. The company was established purely to hold a percentage of the cost of any eradication work undertaken for the unlikely event that TCM R&D Ltd should need to return to site.

Work undertaken by TCM R&D Ltd is, of course, backed by insurance should the worst happen but with TCM Warranties Ltd you will have confidence that funding is readily available for any required remedial works.

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“Having looked at many companies and their guarantees, to date I can only endorse TCM Warranties Ltd. This is a self-insuring company set up, separately giving security to both the business and its clients.

In my mind we will be seeing in the near future a need for any property sold, whether residential or commercial to carry a warranty against any re-growth of this incredibly invasive plant Japanese knotweed.”

Philip Segar, the leading consultant of the Mortgage Advisory Committee